What is in a Starbucks Turmeric Latte?

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What is Turmeric Milk?

Turmeric milk is an old Ayurvedic drink that is used for treating a variety of diseases. Traditionally, it is consumed at night to facilitate sound sleep and promote general health. 

Turmeric milk contains antibacterial, antiseptic, and anti-inflammatory properties. Anti-inflammatory properties present in the turmeric milk helps manage digestive issues by promoting digestion, preventing stomach ulcers and diarrhoea. It has a diverse range of potential health benefits.


What is Starbucks Turmeric Latte?

The trend nowadays is healthy living. So, it is quite obvious, most of the brands are shifting towards these trends and Starbucks is one those. Starbucks is actually an American coffee company and coffeehouse chain that is spread across the world. It is even very popular in India, and one of the finite destination for coffee lovers.

So, the coffee chain recently introduced a turmeric latte, the drink is made of steamed milk and aromatic turmeric powder poured over espresso, according to a press release, with the option of almond or coconut milk.

Turmeric lattes are generally caffeine-free, made by heating up milk with turmeric and other spices like cinnamon or nutmeg. But the Starbucks turmeric latte has caffeine in it.

But even with the added caffeine, drinkers of this new turmeric latte should be able to reap the health benefits of this root vegetable.

So as with all good food trends with ancient roots, it really was only a matter of time before turmeric became available at Starbucks, too. As of now, it is available at least at 200 stores in the greater London area. 

Home Made Receipe of Turmeric Latte

  • Get some powdered turmeric.
  • Then warm up some milk on the stove.
  • Once the milk gets steamy, add a teaspoon of the powder into the milk and stir until dissolved.
  • Add honey, vanilla and cinnamon to taste.
  • While it’s caffeine free, it’s good for you, and warming.

Health Benefits of Turmeric Milk

1. Having milk at night is anyway beneficial for health and it induces good sleep. When teamed with turmeric, it also acts as an anti-ageing tonic.

2. Turmeric milk fastens the recovery from an injury. Most people drink haldi doodh after a physical trauma, sickness or surgery to speed up the healing.

3. Turmeric has antiseptic, anti-inflammatory properties, anti-microbial, anti-allergic properties

4. Having turmeric milk is also beneficial in treating joint and bone issues including arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

5. It also helps with fighting skin infections, disorders and allergies.

To know about health benefits of Turmeric, please click here.

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