Vaagai (Albizia Lebbeck) Benefits and Medicinal Uses


Vaagai or Albizia Lebbeck is a medicinal tree native to India which is found throughout country. In Ayurveda it is used to prepare various medicines. It is a non-toxic tree. This tree contains alkaloids, tannins, saponins and flavonoids which has medicinal action. It is a nitrogen fixing tree. In Ayurveda its use is especially indicated in treating bites and stings from poisonous animals such as snake. 

In Tamil Nadu , the tree is known as ‘vaagai’ as the ancient kings of the Sangam Age had worn the garland made by this flower whenever they win battles . Similarly , ‘vaagai’ means ‘victory’ in Tamil.

Vernacular Names

  • Latin: Albizia Lebbeck, Mimosa lebbeck
  • Sanskrit: Siris tree, Shirish
  • Hindi: Shirish, Saras
  • English: Woman’s tongue, Tibet lebbeck, singer-tree, shack-shack, Lebbeck, Lebbek Tree, Flea Tree, Frywood, Koko
  • Gujrati: Kakiyo, Saras, Sarsado
  • Bengali: Shirish
  • Kannada: Bage, Doddasirisa, Kalbaghi
  • Malayalam: Nenmenivaka, Vaka
  • Tamil: Siridam, Vaagai
  • Telugu: Dirsenmu, Dirasana, Pedda Dirisinam, Sirisamu
  • Manipuri: Khok

Vaagai (Albizia Lebbeck) Health Benefits

1. Curtails anxiety and stress

Vaagai has active components such as isoquercetin, quercetin, polyphenols and saponins that have strong impact on hormonal and nervous system in the human body. As a mild sedative, it wipes out the feelings of anxiety and stress. Albizia is helpful for people with chronic stress hormones in the body as it relaxes the mind.


2. Helps with depression symptoms

Vaagai promotes mood by rebalancing hormones in the body and soothes nervous system that complicates the hormone levels. It is helpful for people with feelings of suicidal tendencies, experiencing irrational anger or thoughts. In ancient medicinal cultures, this herb assist the one to get peace.


3. Sound sleep

A decoction made with Vaagai is helpful for people with insomnia or sleeplessness. Besides soothing mind and nerves, it calms the body and provides long lasting and restful sleep.


4. Respiratory ailments

Vaagai helps the people with allergies, asthma and chronic respiratory conditions by reducing inflammation in sinuses and tracts. It also lowers the impulse to cough or wheeze. It enhance respiratory health and speeds up recovery time.


5. Acts as antioxidant

Antioxidants present in Vaagai helps to eliminate free radicals in the body by scavenging harmful byproducts before mutation of cells or causing health problems.


6. Healthy skin

Its bark and leaves possess antioxidant properties that acts outside the body and prevents cutaneous conditions such as blemishes, rashes, psoriasis, acne and wounds due to its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that soothes the affected areas and lowers the appearance of irritation and blemishes.


7. Digestive health

Powdered Vaagai helps people with gastrointestinal problems. It binds water and food material by speeding up digestion process and keeps bowel movements regular.

Medicinal Uses of Vaagai

1. Bites and stings from venomous animals, Sujak, infection in vagina, Swelling

If bitten by some poisonous insect, scorpion, snake then boil leaves of neem and Vaagai in water. Use this water to wash place of sting.


2. Infection due to external injury

Grind Vaagai leaves and lukewarm the paste. Make a poultice and apply on the affected area. This will give relief in swelling and infection.


3. Blood purification, Skin problems

Soak bark of Vaagai (10 gm) in water (200 ml) at night. Next morning mash bark in water, filter and drink this water to remove toxins from the body.


4. Eye related problem

Grind Albizia Lebbeck leaves and with help of cloth tie on the affected eye. Keep this for a few minutes.


5. Ear pain

Lukewarm Albizia Lebbeck leaves and extract its juice. Put few drops in ear.


6. Coughing

Take yellow leaves of Albizia Lebbeck and fry in ghee. Then mix with honey and take to cure coughing or Khasi.


7. Dairrhoea (Atisaar), Dysentery (Dast)

Grind Albizia Lebbeck sedds and take half gram of it.


8. Piles

Grind seeds of Albizia Lebbeck and apply at affected area. This help to dry warts in piles.


9. Ascites (Jalodar), Infection in the liver, Pelvic pain during periods

Take bark of vaagai (10 gm) and cook in water (200 ml) till volume reduces to one fourth. Strain and drink to cure ascites, the liver related problems.


10. Unmada rog (mania, psychiatric illness), Apasmar (Epilepsy or Mirgi)

Take mulethi, sonth (dry ginger powder), Vacha, Ashwagandha, Vaagai seeds each in equal amount. Grind and make powder. Take this powder (1 tbsp) twice a day.

Dosage and Precautions


  • Bark: 5-7 g
  • Seed: 1-2 g
  • Leaves: 12 g


  • Consult the health practitioner before using the herb to treat any health ailments.
  • Pregnant women should avoid this herb as it has blood circulating effects.

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