Sudarshan Kriya: How to do & What are its Benefits


Su’ means proper, and ‘darshan’ means vision. ‘Kriya’ in yogic science means to purify the body. As a whole, Sudarshan Kriya means ‘proper vision by purifying action.’ Sudarshan Kriya Yoga is a unique breathing practice that involves cyclical breathing patterns that range from slow and calming to rapid and stimulating. In this Kriya, you take control of your breath, which positively affects your immune system, nerves, and psychological problems.

According to a 2009 published study of Harvard Medical School, Sudarshan Kriya yoga can effectively address anxiety and depression. The method is inexpensive and risk-free and has favorable effects on your mind-body connection. With environmental pollution, bad eating habits, and a sedentary lifestyle bogging you down, Sudarshan Kriya is a way out for you to lead a better life.

How to do Sudarshan Kriya?

1. To perform the Sudarshan Kriya you should first come to Vajrasana (Thunderbolt Pose).

2. Kneel on a yoga mat or rug and make sure that the top part of your feet and your shins are touching the floor. Sit on your heels and relax your body.

3. Next, move your buttocks toward the ground, so that you can rest it on the floor. Your ankles should touch the outer part of your hips once you are in position.

4. Make sure that you sit up as straight as possible, but keep your body relaxed. If you experience too much pressure on your hips or knees, you can remain seated on your heels; basically, in the Vajrasana position.

5. Throughout the entire kriya, you should keep your breathing relaxed. A three part breath cycle is used in the Sudarshan Kriya, which will need a bit of practice to perform properly. In the first cycle, you need to breathe in and out in a relaxed manner with the breaths being of equal duration.

6. In the second cycle, your exhalations should be twice the duration of the inhalation.

7. In the third cycle, your inhalations should be twice the duration of the exhalation.

8. A typical session of a short Sudarshan Kriya should last around 45 minutes. Also, you can practice this at any time of the day, except soon after having your meals.

Sudarshan Kriya Benefits

  • It improves your overall health and well-being.
  • It increases your energy levels and strengthens the immune system.
  • The Kriya trains you to deal with challenging situations in a better manner.
  • It will clear your head of unnecessary clutter and improve your sleep quality.
  • It enhances your brain function and ups your creativity.
  • Sudarshan Kriya reduces stress and eases anxiety.
  • It works wonders for post-traumatic stress disorder and depression.
  • It will relax you completely and help you attain inner peace.
  • The Kriya will ease out the tensions in your personal relationships and build a bond of joy, harmony, and love.
  • It will make you aware of yourself and your surroundings.
  • It will increase your confidence levels and make you more patient.

Side Effects

Various international educational organizations studied and proved that the Kriya has no known side effects. They documented its manner of teaching and effectiveness. Sudarshan Kriya will do wonders for you when learned from an expert yoga teacher who will guide you through it well. It is not recommended to try it on your own.


Sudarshan Kriya must be done right under the guidance of a yoga teacher. Otherwise, it will be ineffective and maybe even harmful. Make sure you are physically and mentally eligible to do this kriya by consulting your doctor and yoga instructor. It is best if pregnant women, those under alcohol and drug abuse, and people suffering from extreme mental illness avoid this Kriya.

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