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* Toxicologist
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Dr Anish M Kurias was born on 11th January 1975 to the gifted parents Mr Mathew Paul Kurias & Mrs Elsy Mathew, in a remote village of Kattampack in Kottayam district, Kerala, India. He started showing interest in Ayurveda, from the age of eight. His Grandfather Mr. Kurian Paul Kurias was a great toxicologist, who was the inspiration for him in his early stages of life. A rigorous, strict and tiring method of training which he got at the age of eight from this legendary practitioner, cultivated the eagerness in him to learn more about Ayurveda. To improve the observation capacity alone, it took some four years of non compromising training.

At the age of 13 he started to learn the basics of Ayurveda and showed interest in learning about the preparations of herbal drugs. At the age of fourteen he started to assist his grandfather in treating some serious snake bite cases and non curable wounds due to toxins. By noting the interest in learning this indigenous science by his grandson , he started to teach him the secrets of the palm leaf manuscripts, which made him an expert in curing some of the chronic diseases in present time.

After completing the Pre degree course from CMS College Kottayam, Kerala in 1993, he joined Ashwini Ayurvedic Medical College Davengere for his BAMS. While studying he started to attend many ailment cases, which others feared to. Dr. Jagadish Yagi was his inspiration during his college days, whom they considered as a living Charaka. In 1998 he successfully completed the course by winning a university medal. In the same year he started his carrier as a doctor in his village and started the venture : The Earth (Evergreen Ayurvedic Resort for traditional Healing) Group of Hospitals. During this tenure he extended his service as a part time faculty at many colleges in India, by sharing the unique knowledge in Toxicology. As a part time doctor he extended his service in Indian Institute of Ayurvedic Medicine and Research - Bangalore, where he surprised his seniors and teachers by showing his knowledge in treating severe diabetic gangrene cases.

In 2002 he achieved a milestone by gifting the world the patented VISHARASAYANA practice, a secret traditional practice developed by his great Grandfather Mr. Kuria during the 1880's, which helps complete expulsion of toxins and disease causing free radicals from the human body within a single day.

After understanding about the mismanagement & malpractice of Ayurveda by some business magnets and doctors, he started up with a vision of spreading authentic Ayurvedic hospitals by keeping all the ethics of Ayurveda practice and by which he can contribute at least some thing for this suffering indigenous science. As the first step he joined with many of the leading pharmaceutical companies and hospitals in different parts of India, as a technical director, thereby improving his knowledge of business in Ayurveda and correcting them by giving some valuable tips.

He also enjoy travelling, by which he acquired knowledge in many different ways of traditional healings and practices. By this time he has visited all the states in India, and international destinations like Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Hong Kong, China, Dubai, Kuwait, Qatar etc..., Which helped in understand, the importance of molding the traditional Ayurvedic practice and knowledge without going out of its ethics, to present it in front of the third generation world.

In the year 2002 he got married to Reshma Anish who is now the support and back bone for his growth and they are blessed with three children; elder daughter Miss Tania then two sons Master Mathew and Master John.

In 2004 he achieved another milestone by developing and selling an innovate concept called Kalyanaka Rasayana to Golden palm Ayurvedic Resort in Bangalore. He put his brain in developing herbal tea bags in eleven flavors, without having tea leaves in its ingredients, but give the all freshness and energy of having a tea. And of course adding some medical importance for preventive aspects against many diseases. He was the first to sell the idea of making Chavanprasa in biscuit form. He Came up with a unique Ayurvedic package called EGA which attracted many to this great science, which is a reserved spelling of AGE, A package which can reverse age.

In 2006 as a joint venture he started a centre in Dubai which was the first and only recognized Ayurveda hospital in Dubai by the MOH. Then he started Ayurveda multispecialty hospitals in different parts of Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh states in India. In the mean time he developed a new concept called MINBOS therapy (Mind Body Soul Workshop ) with which a harmony between mind, body and soul can be maintained without differentiation, of the patients. The experience he got from all this helped him in making some innovate packages and concepts of his own that can be a turning point in the growth of ayurvedic science in this speedy and mechanized modern world.

Packages like grant parenting, computer coole syndrome, feminine, bridal ,job fitness etc are some of his concept creations in Ayurveda. An ongoing project called REBIRTH will be a face changing stuff to modern Ayurvedic world.

Now with the brand name EARTH he has started his journey towards a thousand centres all over the world, for presenting real authentic and recreated Ayurveda for present generation with present problems. Dr. Anish treats through his in-depth knowledge of toxicology and manages Acute & Chronic type of Snake bites, Non-Healing ulcers due to toxins, bites & impoverished poisons. He also successfully manages to treat Spider & Rat poisoning through the authentic healing power of his age-old traditional Ayurveda

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