Naturopathy in COVID-19 Treatment

Besides the usual treatment for COVID-19 patients in hospitals, the Tamilnadu government is also recommending naturopathy alongside.

Psychologic stress, Fitness and physical activity,nutrition, Sleep, comorbid conditions and lifestyle play a vital role in shaping this immune response. Naturopathy is a system of lifestyle medicine that works in modulating these factors that improve body’s innate healing properties i.e. immunity. This may be useful in this current scenario where we are facing a Covid 19 pandemic.

“The patients are being taught simple Yogasanas and pranayama to improve lung health, besides being administered aroma therapy,” said Health minister Dr C Vijaya Bhaskar said in a release on Tuesday. Yoga and naturopathy treatment is being provided in government medical college hospitals, government district headquarters hospitals and taluk hospitals across the state by over 200 experts.

“Such pro-people initiatives will strengthen the government efforts to contain the spread of coronavirus and aid in treatment,” he added.

Apart from yoga, naturopathy nutrition palys a vital role in combatting the infection.

Here are some suggestions by naturopathy doctors according to AYUSH guidelines:

  • Drink plenty of warm water, Lemon or fresh citrus juices with honey or Jaggery.
  • Add spices in your daily food (Jeera, turmeric, Ajwain, Cinnamom, cloves, cardamom etc.).
  • Prepare foods that are low on oils and fats (Dhalia, Idly, Kichdi).
  • Have a balanced diet.
  • Have protein rich (Dal Kichdi, boiled legumes) and fiber rich foods, millets, (vegetable soups).
  • Have plenty of colored fruits and vegetables. Wash them thoroughly, have boiled vegetables as curry or sambhar. Consume alkaline rich foods.
  • Have Zinc and Selenium rich foods- Oats, spinach, beans, milk, cheese, pumpkin seeds, cashews etc.
  • Drink at least one glass of Yogurt/day (probiotics)to improve gut flora.

Data says that over 61 thousand people have been benefitted and if the need arises, this treatment facility would be widely expanded. Also, the COVID-19 patients were provided with a nutritious diet of Navadhanyam (cereals and pulses) and herbal drinks.



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