5/58/2, Krishna Agro Farm,
Mudakku Salai, Samathuvapuram
East, Mayanoor, Karur.
PIN: 639108

About Darshan Ayur centre

Darshan Ayur centre, the unique panchakarma and rejuvenation treatment centre we have established at Mayanoor, Karur district, Tamil Nadu. Our simple Ayurvedic retreat offers a complete programme to recoup your energy with traditional Ayurvedic massage and herbal rejuvenation therapies. It is a place where a person can lean back and relax in eco-friendly surroundings and yet be confident of returning healthy and rejuvenated.

Our Skills
1. To provide quality and authentic Ayurveda guidelines to all for maintaining their health
2. It would be tailor-made to suit every individual's needs
3. Panchakarma and rejuvenation treatment packages for different time durations
4. A different diet schedule that supports the modern lifestyle and yoga advise too
5. Addressing specific women health issues

About Treatments

1. Children treatment packages to ensure that their growth and development is given maximum importance.
2. Geriatric health issues – for providing quality and pain-free life for elderly
3. Short term and long term detoxification packages for business people
4. A thorough ayurvedic beauty treatment for all including facials, foot massages, head massages, hair packs for dandruff and hair growth etc
5. All chronic skin related complaints, allergies and autoimmune disorders proving to be a challenge for modern medicine.



Associated Doctors
Phone Number

9942219929 / 9942219939