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* Siddha Diabetologist
* Siddha Fertility Medicine Specialist
* Siddha


* Skin Allergy Treatment
* Diabetes Management


About Dr. B. Yoga Vidya

“ My motto is to spread a healthy life without knife ( surgery) “

“ A healthy body for a healthy mind and therefore a healthy soul”

This is just to introduce myself as Dr. Yogavidhya founder of ethnic health care, from a traditional siddha family and I am extremely gratified and thankful to god to give me an opportunity to serve humankind in the holistic field of siddhas .

From my child hood I have an unexplained interests in the field of spirituality and philosophy .

Im always proud to be born in india being an ancient cultural land with its own historical heritage.

Being a spiritual land I felt prestigious and thankful to walk along the foot paths of great saints and religious philosophies of time .

I became skilled and validated my traditional knowledge from the doctorate B.S.M.S course under MGR medical university, chennai .

Its been since 2009 I have dedicated my time and effort for the people who seek treatment from me .

I have been treating all kind of challenging cases which are even left untreated in other system of medicines like - Infertility in both men and women , Asthma , psoriasis and other skin problems , arthritis etc

I helped many AIDS, CANCER patients with immuno modulator herbs and kaya -Kalpam (anti-oxidant rich herbs ) for their healthy living and life-span .

Even gave good prognosis to lot of patients who are affected with Hepatitis A,B and C which seems to have challenged the modern medical system.

I am always amazed to see the results and the feed backsof knowledge acquired from the very ancient manuscripts of siddhas to man- kind .

My dedicated thanks and salutes to siddhas and as well as the masters and generations who helped to preserve the ancient knowledge through centuries !!

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044 - 2433 5222


28A/19A/2, Ground Floor,
Mylai Ranganathan Street,
Thanikachalam Road,
Landmark: Behind Natesan Park,
T Nagar, Chennai,
Tamil Nadu, India

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