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Difficulty in breathing or shortness of breath may be simply termed as Swasa (Asthma). It may be primary – originating from respiratory system, secondary – originating from other systems of the body but the impact is on respiratory system.

Bronchial Asthma is a chronic inflammatory disease of airway. It leads to recurrent episodes of wheezing, breathlessness, tightness of chest and cough particularly at night or early morning.

According to Siddha or Siddham, this disease is characterized by tightness of chest, difficulty in breathing in which the breathing sounds resemble to the sounds of musical instruments like yaazh or veena. Hence, this sound may be compared to wheeze as per modern science. 


As per Ayurveda the causes of Tamaka Swasa are as follows:

  • Intake of dry, cold, heavy, incompatible food and irregular intake of food
  • Excessive Intake of black gram, beans, sesame, meat of aquatic animals.
  • Intake of cold water and exposure to cold climate
  • Exposure to dust, smoke and wind
  • Excessive exercise, over indulge in the sexual activity
  • Trauma to throat, chest and vital organs.
  • Suppression of natural urges.


Symptoms like sneezing, rhinitis , cough develops first .Then anxiety occurs with restlessness when dyspnoea begins. Later on, wheeze develops (Here expiration is prolonged than inspiration).

Traditional Siddha practitioners compared hence compared wheeze with the sound of veena or yaazh by keeping their head close to chest of the patient. This is because the distress of breathing is so severe and forceful that it may be heard outside.

People affected with this disease are a bit anxious and have a typical sitting position leaning forwards. Sometimes coughing out a bit sputum gives them a temporary relief.

Therapeutic Significance of Siddha in treatment of Iraippu Irumal

Siddha therapy of Eraippu Irumal lays down two properties- No side effects and increased efficacy or potency of the medicine. On performing a authentic study or screening , brought the photochemical and anti microbial  action of a group of drugs which can be used for its standardization in near future in the treatment of this disease.These Siddha drugs are scientifically accepted and hence should implemented in clinical practice.

The drugs which were used for this test and proved their excellence in therapeutic field in treatment of Iraippu Irumal are :

  • Pavizha Parpam
  • Muthu chippi Parpam
  • Kasturi Karuppu
  • Thalaga Karuppu
  • Vasanthakusumakaram mathirai
  • Swasa kudori pills

General Treatment

Every siddha drug is administered on a unique line of treatment . This is done to pacify the deranged humour.

Initially a purgative , emetic , or a combination of both may be used to normalize the deranged kapham and vatham.

The significance of giving such a therapy before administering the main drug is to remove excess of phlegm from the respiratory tract.

Usually in clinical practice, leaf juice of Adathoda vasica (Adathodai), Oscimum sanctum( Thulasi) or Daemia extensa ( Uthamani) may be given in more than required  quantity so as to induce vomiting and remove mucus in excess quantity.

Other Medicines:

  • Adathodai kudineer
  • Thaleesapathradi choornam
  • Poorna chandrodayam
  • Thalaga parpam

Drugs like Athimathuram, Arathai, Kandankathiri, Manathakkali, Koshtam, Ilavangam, Thippili, Milagu, Chukku, etc can be used.

Not only medicines,

Kaya kalpa treatment stresses the importance of breathing exercises or pranayama in treatment of this disease. This type of exercise helps in regulating the saram or vasi or breath and therefore enabling one to reduce the stress and provide a healthy atmosphere for mind, body and soul.


Allopathic science says that Bronchial asthma can be controlled in different ways according to acute and chronic onset.

Usually Acute onset may be controlled by inhalation of Beta-ntagonist, bronchodilators or its inhalation, steroids, administration of oral steroids or combination of any two.

It is seen that major side effects of the drugs like Beta-antagonist are tachycardia and tremors etc which can be well noticed in a person who are using such drugs for a long time. 

The drugs like Theophylline are used widely in the treatment of Asthma can produce side effects like GIT upsets, nervousness, headache, seizures, cardiac arrhythmias. And if it is taken continuously, it might lead to serious problems and even death.

Hence it is not only well understood that Siddha drugs are safe without any side effects but its use may also helpful in controlling the severity of the disease. However, there still many drugs which are a part of this system either been kept hidden by the traditional group of practitioners and yet to be found out.

Siddhars in their writings have well expressed that medicines together with pranayama and meditation can provide a very effective cure to this ailment.

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