9/1, Old Veternary Hospital Road (OVH Road),
Basavanagudi, Bangalore.
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About Shree Ayur Ganga
Ayur Ganga

A Hill Country Health Ventures which is a unit of Shree Ayurvedic Health Centre.


Our Institution rose from the first seed that was sown by Pandit D Gopalacharulu in 1898, which grew into a tree under pandit Bhishagratna Pandit D Desikacharulu and branched out under Vaidya D Gopalacharulu & D Desikacharulu the present Vaidhya heading the institution.


During the early days when The British were ruling pandit was always know to be the pillar for Ayurveda and Swadeshi moments. He had started a vaidya prasarini sabha, In those days when Ayurveda was downtrodden and everyone was against it. He succeeded in bringing great pandits together on the same platform and served a lot to keep alive the great tradition and knowledge of Ayurveda.


Now at present, we have formed Ayu Health circle, a wing of Shree Ayurvedic Multispeciality Hospital on the same lines and principles to carry on and continue the same.


Ayu Health Circle strives to promote and reach Ayurveda to all sections of the Society. It organizes Camps, Awareness programs, Bringing Consultants together and in short trying to build a bridge between the Ayurvedic Fraternity and be a link for what is needed and what is supplied.


Today the need of the hour is to provide Ayurveda to one and all by being available to people. What we have observed is that today the waves are turning towards Ayurveda, people have started to come to seek relief through this science without the runaround and side effects of the Allopathic system. the biggest problem remains . where to go? Whom to approach? They are so tuned to thinking of their body as different parts and seek specialties . We get various calls asking for specialties for simple normal problems like a cold cough and of course greater problems like cancer, aids etc. We must strive to see that these are available when they need it around the corner. Half the time it so happens they want to go but due to lack of availability they end up in the allopathic clinic.


The other main drawback is unawareness OR half misguided awareness. We never knew we had a choice.. is a common groan from most of the patients. They are amazed to see that we too have simple things to offer them, fast relief, no ending the saga of rounds to investigation centers.. and so on.


Our dream is to provide one center where people can come , and be assured whatever their problem they can find solution and relief from the same.


Our Policies:- We would like to clarify certain aspects and principles of the company.


1. We Stand for Ayurveda. Any aspect of Ayurveda is a part of us. I do not claim we are big Giant, whatever we are we remain fully dedicated to following ethics and principles both personally and as an institute.

2. Sealed Packed & open prescriptions.

3. No unnecessary advantages are taken of the clients

4. No unnecessary investigations.

5. Openhandedness and clear policies.


* Back Pain
* PhysiotherapyYoga Therapy
* Spa
* Obesity Treatment
* Meditation
* Chiropractic Medicine
* Chronic Pain Treatment
* Fistula Treatment
* Tonsillitis Treatment
* Sirodhara

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